Monday, March 30, 2009

Ok I woke up this morning and was wide awake....I mean wide awake!! I was loving it!!! I came back up stairs about 7:40 and layed down then forget it from there! I could not stay awake! I would open my eyes for a second and then they would close right back! I couldn't control it! I had to get up when Kyle locked himself out of the house....that was about 11:45. Right now my body is kinda numb and heavy but I am going to get going after I finish typing this. I am NOT going to lay eyes are heavy and my upper body is heavy too!!! OK this sucks totally!!! I just napped for a second and now my eyes are half open. My eyes won't stay open...napped again for a second!! I also have the jerks, my body keeps legs, arms and my face. That started last night. Well actually it happens all the time. my cat just jumped on me so i will type later.

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