Sunday, March 29, 2009

I actually wore make-up to church today!!!! I so don't want to jinx myself.....but I have to say it...I am still clear headed!! My legs and ankles are killing me and I feel like a swollen pig but I am clear headed!! My energy was pretty ok today. I started to get tired in church this morning, couldn't keep my eyes open there for a short while but I survived it.
Jim and I played cards last night with his mom and dad and I actually could concentrate. It was a wonderful feeling.
I can't wait to start working out AGAIN. I am going to get it right yet.....I AM going to look the way I feel on the inside!!!! If Valerie Bertineli can do it at my age, so can I!!! She is 47/48......
Well I am going to bed so I can hopefully have a good day tomorrow.

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