Friday, March 20, 2009

Today was a pretty ok day until about about 4:00 then I wanted to cut my legs and feet off! It has gotten to be where I just can't stand it!!! All I can say is thank goodness for pain medicine. Only problem, it only lasts for awhile and then it wear offs!! I have never taken more than 2 a day but I might start taking 3 a day VERY soon. ( I don't want to do that) I am laying on my bed and am going to take a sleeping pill hoping that I won't feel it anymore!! It sooo hurts!!!!
I had a great day with Alexx! She is such an awesome daughter....I LOVE HER!!
In fact she is sitting right beside me....waiting for my laptop. I am going to sign off now because I am such a good mom and I know she wants to use it. HAHA
As for my memory......what memory????

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