Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well I went to the doctors today. I got blood drawn to test me for early menopause!!! I don't know if that is a good thing or not....we are trying to figure out why I am sweating sooo much. To the point of it being very embarrassing! If it is not early menopause, then we are going to try and ween me off one of my medicines, Effexor. Then if that does not work, then we go from there.
I also got another medicine to HOPEFULLY help me with my tummy issues! Keep yours fingers crossed!!
My feet have really been giving me some issues today, hurting. My legs are about a 6 today and upper body not so bad, about a 4. I did wake up pretty easy today. Actually, Jim woke me up about 8:40 with a phone call and I actually stayed awake. My brain felt pretty clear and that was sooo nice. Right now I am typing this and my arms feel pretty heavy. I want to take a nap but am not, have to get ready for bible study.
My poor baby, Gizzy is very sick! Please pray for him to get better....

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