Friday, October 19, 2012

We are all so different...

I was struck by something the other day that I have always known but I was reminded of it and it has stuck with me. All of us with Fibro are not the same!! Not one of us has the exact same symptoms. We have alot of the same, some are worse, some are less, but no 2 are exactly alike!!! And you NEVER know who has it! I have been going to this yogurt shop off and on for a couple months now and always talk to the employees, just idle chit chat and they all looked "just fine" to me. Yesterday I wore my fibro t-shirt in the yogurt shop and the young lady ringing me up made a comment about how she had never seen a fibro shirt before. I asked her how she was familiar with fibro and she told me she has had it for about the past 4 years. I was very surprised to say the least. I didn't want to ask her her age but I would say she is no older than 24ish???? I asked her how bad she had it and she told me as long as she takes her medicine she can function pretty well and live her life. (boy am I jealous) She asked me how long I have had it and about me, I told her it has been 5 years this month and that I live day to day...yesterday just happened to be about a 7 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) I looked terrible!!!! It took everything I had to just get out of the house and I had to get out of the house, I was going to go crazy!! The young lady looked all perky and not sick at all...of course I would never say that to her, I know better!!! haha
The bottoms of my feet were on fire, my ankles felt as though they could snap at any minute, my hips, I can't really explain the pain but my left one is the worst and lets just say it can make me want to snap sometimes! My energy was in the toilet and I am sure if  you were to take one look at me you would say, wow she looks rough!!!!

Just a small side note, I really wish they would take the Lyrica commercials off the TV, I think they do us more damage than good! People that don't have fibro see these and think that we should be able to take a pill and start to feel better, it is not that easy!!! I wish it was....They don't realize everything else that goes / comes along with it.

This weekend is a big daughter is turning 21! Wow, I feel old...I am praying that my body cooperates and allows me to really enjoy it. My husband and I are driving to the beach (my daughter is going to college there and living with my parents) and we are taking her and her boyfriend and family out to an awesome German restaurant, Bodos to celebrate...:-) yummy!!!