Monday, June 29, 2009

A true friend is someone that won't let you back out of going to an "AB'S class! This should be a fun class, I have a frog tattoo that I have not seen in a few belly hangs over it!!!! :)
I am hoping by going to the YMCA this morning my day will be full of energy!
Yesterday was a very lazy day...which was great because I had no energy, my legs hurt, I had no desire to even walk. Usually when we walk Maggie, I am walking very fast and love it but last night I had to focus on taking every step!
Gotta go get ready, will hopefully write some more tonight....have alot going on!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am back.......I know it has been awhile since I blogged. I stopped for awhile because I got tired of saying the same thing over and over! I hurt!! I am in constant legs, my arms, my back, my whole body!!! It is different levels daily, it depends on my mood on how I handle the pain. Some days I can take it and some days I can't! Some days I want to scream!! AAAHHHHH!!!!
I was so afraid of the car trip we took to Venice Fl, I didn't know how I would do......I was quite happy! My legs were in pain but it was o.k. for the most part. What helped is I slept about 80% of the time. The rest of the time, I just moved around......I fidgeted!!!
I am back going to the YMCA, I soooo need to do this. It will be great for my strength, flexibility and my weight!! I weighed myself for the first time in 2 years. I don't need a # to know I am overweight!!!! Well now I have a # so maybe it will help!!!! I need to lose 25 pounds and I can do it!!!!!!!!!
My pain is not going to stop me!!!
Gotta go....water class is calling me!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am not lost....I am right here! I just have not felt like really talking lately.
Yesterday I had my first colonoscopy and hopefully my last! The stuff you have to drink is sooooo awful and that is putting it kindly. I am now fully empty......I hope to keep it that way. One thing that worries me is my oxycontin. One of the side effects is constipation and believe me it does that! I am going to talk to my doctor about switching to another pain pill. I am first going to cut my pill in 1/2 and try cutting down that way.
Adding fiber however I can to my diet......I don't remember a thing!! Except that my husband was wonderful and loving! Thank you for everything you do. Also want to say Thank you to my fantastic mother in law, Sue! I love you both..........
Gotta go, have a very very busy day!!
I am leaving for the beach today, my daughter is graduating tomorrow. I am so happy but yet, very sad. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter for her....she is growing up and becoming a young adult.