Sunday, March 1, 2009

This past weekend has been pretty o.k.. My energy level has come and gone.I have not gotten much done except a little ironing and rearranging of dust! I just don't have any get up and go. I am making myself type this, my eyes keep closing. My arms feel they have weights hanging off of them. We did go to the matinee yesterday, we saw, Taken. It is a pretty good movie. Came home and layed around the rest of the day. Same for today...we went to church, had lunch and have been laying around ever since.
I have every intention of ironing but just can't seem to get up. Most people would think, just get up. Well, it is not that easy!! As I have said before think back to your worst case of the flu where you just had no energy and COULDN'T move. That's me!! I DON'T want to just lay here, I want energy to move!! My neck and shoulders feel like they are so tight, they could pop or break if I move them the wrong way...My legs have been up and down on pain. At times they were a 100 and others a 4. I would say never below a 4...I always know they are there. Sometimes standing hurts, sometimes sitting hurts. I am going to finish now and take a nap. It has taken me roughly 40 minutes to type this little bit.

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