Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I wonder how many laxatives I can take before I blow up? You know it is sad when you take them, 2 days in a row and nothing happens...and people wonder why I am in a ill mood some days...or say I weigh a ton!!
Last night my legs were aching pretty bad ( 5 out of 10)
My facial sweating was very bad on the way to Paul and Michelles for out IST meeting...It got better when I sat in front of the window, I was so relaxed. Beautiful night....even the bike ride home was nice and I was wearing shorts. Thanks Michelle for the jacket...
Slept really good last night only woke up once with Maggie. I slept hard, don't really remember Jim leaving...but I do remember your kissing me. Always remember that!!!! Yummy!!
When I finally woke up, I felt like I had been hit by a brick..a very big brick. As I always say, the house could have caught on fire and I would not have known.
I did wake up about 9:00 am just couldn't move. I hate that my body doesn't work so well first thing some days!!
Today my legs are about a 6....my ankles and feet a 6...my shoulders and arms feel so tied up in knots they could break!!!
I have to get going now though I have an appointment to get to....

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