Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last night was a pretty hohum night. I was just kinda blah, trying to ignore the hurting! I will be glad when this week is energy level has been zero and I have not gotten anything done. It is driving me crazy!! I feel like such a fat slob to be honest! I am just waiting for someone to say just get going then I will scream!
I did wake up with a pretty clear head this morning, that is a great thing. I'm going to be leaving the house in a little while to help Michelle clean a house. I am so excited to be doing that! (does anyone need their house cleaned? we have great rates) I am going to pace my self today and hopefully it will be the start to my upward swing. My upper body is hurting today along with my legs and feet. Right now it is about a 5. I am just so happy to be doing something, just don't want to start falling asleep...I would love a massage all over my body, I soooo wish insurance covered it. For fibromyalgia I think it should. I would also love a nice WARM pool to swim in. That would feel awesome right now...I can just feel the warm water soothing my body and taking all my stress away!!!
Well, I am off to take a nice warm shower and get ready...
For those of you that are wondering, my stomach problem is still there...very little movement! I am making a doctors appointment for my female doctor today and will be discussing with him as well. Have a great day...I am done rambling.
P.S. My memory is really starting to make me mad! I am not a dummy!
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