Wednesday, April 1, 2009

O wow talk about crash and burn....that was me this morning. I woke up about 7:15 and was wide awake for about an hour then my body decided it wanted to sleep, become a dead weight. I couldn't even lift my arms or head. I made myself get up about 20 minutes ago. I am still groggy and my body feels very heavy. I could easily lay back down and stay there. I am sitting here trying to not close my eyes.........So I am going to finish this and get going for my day. I have been feeling pretty good the past couple of days and I think today is my body catching up. My legs have of course been in pain. My feet and ankles have been acting up too. I am going to be dropping of my paper work to join the YMCA and can't wait to use the pool...the water temp is in the 80's
Wow, it is 12:00, gotta get going!!! I am not laying here all day!

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