Friday, April 10, 2009

Today sucks!!! Thank you Mellissa and Michele for your love, understanding and support!! Jim, I love you and thank you for everything!! You are my best friend!!!!
I really over did it yesterday and now I am paying for it!! In so many ways....mentally and physically. I went to my water class and the water felt so good. I was able to do all my exercises but when I went to swim a lap, that didn't happen! I just couldn't do it!! I had a break down in the bathroom and proceeded to have it until about 10 minutes ago!
I did get some info from one of the ladies in my class about a place that offers alot for fibro and am going to check it out! I would be willing to try acupuncture. She told me about it on Wed and brought the info today, very sweet of her to remember me!!!
Gotta go veg, will write more later.

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