Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ok today's water class was wonderful!!! I got there early and actually swam some laps before class started!! The water temp was great, could have been a little warmer though. I am the youngest person in the class but everyone was really nice to me. Sometimes when you are new to something you feel like a wall flower, but not today! Everyone talked to me!
By the way, I hope that no one is grading me on my grammar because I know I stink in that area.
It felt so good to be in the water...we used water weights and swim boards. I got a good workout and felt it after. I loved swimming and then just floating in the water. I am looking forward to class on Friday. This is a 3 day a week class.
My legs were killing me when I was swimming but I was determined to do it. I know how good it is for my shoulders, actually my whole upper body. I so need that!!! I am going to get back in shape! It will be a painful road but I can do it!!!
I have not taken a nap all day and that has been so nice. My legs have been hurting all day and actually my hip joints have been hurting. It was nice to meet a lady today in class that has some of the pain areas I have, legs and her feet. Feet is such a strange area and hard to explain. I have realized that I am standing totally different. I am now standing with the outside of my foot taking all the extra weight maybe or because my feet hurt and I am trying to take some of the pain away???? Maybe both???
I also talked to a lady that understood my memory loss. I can't remember anything!!! You can tell me something and less than a minute I forget. I can't spell anymore either.....I used to be such a good speller. I am getting better at my list making. If I didn't make a list I would be lost. That doesn't mean I get everything done though...haha! I forgot what that is like!! hahahaha
My husband is such a patient man....I am so blessed, Genesis 2-24!!!!
I got my Fibromyalgia baseball hat this week, I really like it. I also got my t-shirt I just wished I had ordered a medium so I could wear it more. Way to baggy!
Today was a good day....I didn't work out with weights or do the eliptical but I got a good workout in the pool. Tomorrow it is the eliptical and weights....I hope.
Time for bed so I am going to sign off

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  1. It's great to hear you sounding more upbeat, even with the pain - watch out for those old folks you exercise with LOL