Friday, April 17, 2009

Good morning....I have not been able to blog for the last couple of days because I couldn't sign on but I so happy to be on here now. This has been such a relaxing week for me!!!! Last night was a great nights sleep!! I woke up and felt good. My hands - fingers hurt, my legs are having a hard time. I am feeling kinda thick headed with my eyes and around my shoulders and neck but I slept good!! We have not layed out all week because it has either rained, to overcast or to cold. I am going to be laying out at 12:00 today even if I have to be covered under a blanket!!! I have not come back from the beach without sun in forever....IT STINKS!!!
My pain level has been pretty good this legs have been between a 5-8. My ankles and feet really bothered me. I did have a great walk yesterday. When I first started, my legs were working against me and didn't want to stop hurting but once I got going...I loved it!! So anyone that has exercise, it does help!
I am going to go see my doctor about my hips and my fingers....they have just gotten really bad!!! My knuckles are so bad, I can't get any of my rings on and I hate that!! It is not the salt or female swelling, it is just my knuckles have gotten so bad...
Well, I am going to sign off now and go lay out!!!

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Hope you have a wonderful day. You are in my thoughts and prayers today.