Sunday, April 19, 2009

First let me say, it is good to be back home.....
Last night my leg pain was at my all time worst!! I don't think it has EVER hurt as bad as it did last night. I didn't know whether to cry, scream or what? That's just it, it hurt so bad I didn't know what to do! I actually kicked Maggie out of the bed. I wish I could explain the pain.......I honestly don't think I could live like that for long.....!! I am glad I fell asleep finally.
This morning was a good morning...I got up and got going!! Church was great...we voted on our logo and now have one!
Youth group was great about a great bunch of young adults. We are planning our first fund raiser for the mission trip to Mexico, a car wash.
I am trying to type this and not fall body and eyes have gotten so heavy...I am going to sign off...

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