Saturday, August 1, 2009

Had a good night with friends, it felt normal! The men sat outside and drank their manly drinks and we women stayed inside and talked about women stuff. Dinner was good, we had tri-tip. For those of you that have never tried it before I highly recommend it!!!!
I got most things done on my to do list today. They were not done to the standards that I used to have but they got done. I did some yard work, some cleaning up and such. No where near what I wanted to get done but it was a start.
Cleaning the house, again not perfect but enought to feel clean. I even washed 2 loads of towels for Kyle, Yes he had that many towels in his room. If I was to guess, I would say at least 20 towels........but he gets to fold and put away.....

My husband finally left a comment.....that meant the world to me! I want and need to know what he is thinking and feeling. I know we do talk about my Fibro and how it is affecting our lives but his words really had a pull on my heart. I am very selfish and don't put his feelings into account alot of times. I am so wrapped up in how I am feeling, how I don't like how I am. He has been so wonderful to me, in so many ways!!! He deserves so much more........Again with the me....I want my spunk back, I want to go here there and everywhere!
I have put such a financial burden on our lives, me not working. We had bills that were supported by 2 incomes and then to go to just one. Jim has not once blamed me or made me feel guilty in anyway!! I do enough of that to myself!! I know Jim worries about it all the time tough.
Well I am going to try and sleep, my stomach is acting up again,,,,,just the pain. Good news though, I get to pick up my poopy medicine in the morning.....yea!!! But the best part of tomorrow is I get to see my daughter. Alexx is coming up for a week to stay with me, Jim and Kyle....YEA!!!!!!

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  1. I am so glad that you are still blogging. KEEP IT UP!!!!! I can't imagine what it is like but know that I'm here if you something or if you need someone to kick you out the door and get you to a spinning class, nevermind that it would 6am.
    I sent you an e-mail about some links yesterday if you want to dress up your blog and get in on the "blog-world". It really is a lot of fun.
    HAVE an AWESOME day and tell Alex I said hello!!!!!!!
    Talk to you later,
    Doula Mama