Monday, August 17, 2009

well I was right, not a fun day! took all my medicine and still my pain level was at about a 9 on a scale of 1-10. my feet are really hurting!!! my lower legs are about a 8 also. every step i took today was pain. i am laying here and all i feel is pain!!! from my toes up to my hip joints. i am going to get up after typing this to cook supper, don't want to even use my legs but the thought of laying here much longer is just as bad!! i hate laying around some times!! unless i fall asleep, which all of a sudden my eyes have gotten heavy.....this just sucks all the way around!!
i want to get things done in my house......shampoo the carpet, hang pictures on the office wall, find picture for my kitchen wall, attach coat rack to the wall.

back to my legs earlier.....had to clean ms. Virginia's house today with Michelle. that in its self was a task.....actually had to sit down a few times. after that i drug myself to walmart for a few things. Could not wait to get home and lay down....which i have been doing for about 2 hours. I STILL HURT.............FUDGEWATER....don't ask it is a word i use.

now i am back to having the jerks!! so much fun!!!!

didn't get a chance to go do my yoga class today. i was so looking forward to going, i really do feel better after going!!! can't wait to hook up the dvd player in my room.....i can do at home!!

i wonder how many times my body can jerk in 1 hour?????

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