Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday was a pretty good day, actually it was a really good day! Made myself go to the Y and do the pump class with weights. I am so out of shape but it feels so good and I did the whole class. I am really bummed because I am not going to make it to the Y today. I have a doctors app. at 10:30 to talk about my sleeping and weight gain, both have to go away!!!! I also am going to try acupuncture today. Jim went this past Saturday for his SKOAL habit which he has been doing since he was about 12. He had been doing 2 cans a day and since the acupuncture has done less then 2 cans. From 2 cans a day to 2 cans in 4 days, that is awesome. Jim is going back again with me today for another "treatment", he is going to kick this habit, I KNOW IT!!!
I say all that for this reason.........they say it can help my pain and my weight! I will let you know how it goes.
Back to yesterday - Helped Ms. Virginia with her cats. Ms. Virginia is 88 years old and full of life.
Got my hair colored and fell asleep under the heater and while she was blow drying my hair.
Fell asleep at the red light and had the car behind me blow their horn to wake me :(
Came home and crashed for about 30 did not want to wake up.
Took shower and got ready to go to the funeral home.....Kyle's girlfriends cousin committed suicide at 18!!!!! Will NEVER understand!!!
Then the best part.....made it to the ball field in time to watch the last 2 innings of the KIRKERS play. I even got to wear my team shirt. Our next game is Thursday and hopefully I will be able to play. I so want to be up for it!! I pray I am not hurting to much that day..........I would be soooooo scared to play but so excited at the same time.
Oh and the REALLY great part of yesterday........I ran!!!!! When Jim and I walked Maggie, we started to run and just kept going!!! I loved it, it felt AWESOME!!!!! I mean it was a very short distance but I ran!!! I had energy......WOW, FANTASTIC.....could keep going but I won't!!
Well gotta go to the doctors and start my day......

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