Saturday, August 22, 2009

ok lets try this again now that i am kinda awake. i laid down with my dog and took a good nap. my doggy has a very bad leg and we are having to keep her sedated for a week so that she takes it easy on her leg. they think she has a torn ligament and if this doesn't heal it, then it would mean surgery. only 1 problem with that is we can't afford it!!! we are talking at least $2000.00!!!!
i so wish i was working...then i could pay for her surgery. is there a job out there that requires a worn out, broken downed body???? i would be a perfect match.
my feet ad legs have gotten so bad that some days the thought of walking just kills me.
right now my neck and shoulders make me feel like i am tied in a big knot.
ok i am falling asleep again.....

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