Friday, August 28, 2009

I took me a 15 minute nap after my first blog this morning. I went to my pump class this morning by the way!!! Yahoo for me!! I so want to try and do this at least 4 days a week. Came home and spent some time talking with my cousin Gary before he left to go back home, in England. Really wished he lived closer, he is a great guy. Laid down for a few and Jim called, needing me to bring him some was I tired but for the love of my husband.........:), hi hunny :)
Since I was out and about went to Michaels to look for bead stuff, Michelle and I have our first bead party in awhile. I don't think either of us are actually up to it. It will be nice to get back into the swing of things though....really could use the money!! My doggie needs surgery!!
Anyway then went home, laid down on the couch to nap and talked to Michelle. We really needed to bead and I told Kyle to wake me up after 30 minutes. It was sooo hard getting up. I left only 1/2 way wanting to go but needed to.Forgot my medicine!!! I was so miserable, I hurt from head to toe and just wanted to crawl up into a ball. Finally got done about 8:00, left right away, came home and had a hot bath. Took my meds first!!!
That is such a bad feeling I can't really begin to explain.....
My sweet hubby in now in bed with me, I say good-night to all!!

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