Saturday, August 8, 2009

laying here wanting the pain to go away!!! my legs, feet, back and arms are hurting.........we are going tubing today and i so don't want to be a downer to everyone. it is so hard some days to act like i don't have fibro. my friends will look at me and have no idea how much pain i am in!!!
on another note, i am officially at my largest in 17 years. have not been this big since i was pregnant with my legs are burning!!!!!
i am going to try going to one of the weight loss clinics in the next couple of weeks. they are not taking new patients until august 24th. evidently it is first come first serve so to speak so i am going to start calling right away that day.
gotta go start getting ready......i know i will have a great time today because i am going to be with friends that i love......


  1. I have a better idea. You with your fibro and me with my yucky knee and weighing more than I have in 5 years, let's do MBM in February...the Half not the whole thing!!!! registration open's soon!!!!!! Incentive!!!! Let me know what you think.....

  2. Registration opens NEXT WEEK!!!! THINK FAST!!!!!