Saturday, August 29, 2009

I had to sign off a bit ago because my doggie was wanting to lay with me. She is not doing so well, it is going to be surgery and we don't have the money. Trying to figure out what to do?????
She is so loving and a really good dog!!!!
Yesterday was a really bad afternoon and night for me!!! I hate typing and trying to stay awake.
My legs and feet were killing me!! I just really felt like crap!!!!
I have so got to work on losing this weight. It affects the way I stand. 2 pair of my tennis shoes have holes in them on the side.....I need more support(CUSHION).
I am doing better about being active. Going to workout at least 3 days a week. I prefer it if and when I can do 4 or 5.
OK I am sitting here trying to focus and stay awake.....I QMMMMMMMM AM GOING TO END HERE AGAIN. I am going to typr and leave it exactly how it comes out next time. I have made so many corrections...

Have a busy day tomorrow, church, go pick up wine, clean carpet. I so want to clean the cartpet and for some reason ust can"t get it done! Funny thing is, it wi=ont take that long to do.welll goodnight adn sweet dreams.
Please if you read this, leave me a comment.....

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  1. PRAYING FOR YOU TODAY!!!!! Hang on!!!!!! He HAS A PLAN!!!!! We just need to figure it out!!!!!!!
    Join me in February. That will give you some motivation!!!!!!!
    Keep moving and Keep blogging!!!!!!!