Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is going to be kinda random but something that is weighing heavy on my mind and heart. Today at church we had communion and Pastor Craig was praying for us, Alexx, Jim, Tamara Bryant and her husband, Steve. Jim asked Craig to pray for patience and strength to help us with our daily dealings with my Fibro. Again, this was a reminder to me of what Jim deals with on a daily basis....and it is not easy!!! I have bad days and feel sorry for myself but Jim never shows me this.....he struggles with so much!!!! Jim is such a strong man but he needs to be able to lean on me. I know he leans on God!!!!
This DOES not only affect me but my husband and family too!! Just like today after lunch, I needed to lay down for about 30 minutes before we went bowling with the youth group. After bowling not even a whole game I was so worn out. I used to be able to bowl 3 games with no problem!!!! I was ready to come home and lay down for a nap, which I did and am now just laying here typing but I am also having a hard time keeping my eyes open.....I feel a small nap coming on before I go to the grocery store with Alexx.
O.K. my eyes were closed for about 5 minutes so I am going to end here....
Please pray for Jim to continue to have the strength to deal with all the emotions that come along with dealing with my Fibro!!! I have been truly blessed to have him for a husband and I Than God every day!!!!

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