Monday, August 24, 2009

Well today was a waste of a day for me!!! Got much of nothing done, no energy! I had plans to work out, clean some of the house, clean the carpet, work on the mold outside the house. It took all my energy just to get through the day. I crashed about 5:00! The house could have been on fire and I would have had a hard time getting out. It is so hard to explain to people how it feels. Imagine taking about 5 muscle relaxers and being in pain at the same time. Every bone and muscle in my body feel like they weigh a ton!!!!!
Had a really good supper though. Jim cooked corn on the cob with olive oil and seasoning. Very good!!! I really am a very lucky woman. My husband is so patient with me and loving. I truly am blessed.
Oops gotta go, Jim is going to walk with me....:)

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