Friday, August 14, 2009

ok so i read a bunch of posts on this fibro web sight that Jim found for me. i was reading for over an hour. there are different topics. one i was reading about had people asking about lyrica, have you gained weight? i know that is one of the side effects but it is a big one for me. one person said they gained 20 pounds in a little over a month....they were craving cakes and sweets all day. that is me, i can't seem to stop eating!!!! i know i have gained weight over the past couple of years but since starting back on lyrica 6 months or so ago, i can't seem to stop eating! i mean it has gotten insane!!!!!!!
i tried not taking my lyrica today but that is not going to work! my pain was way to bad......i am going on about this because i am going to call my doctor on monday morning and get an app. to try savella.
not taking my lyrica today was not run! needless to say, i took it this afternoon!

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