Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not being able to stay awake really sucks!!! On the way back to my parents house ( I took Alexx to her dads in Pawleys) I stopped off at Lowes to get some fruit and ended up taking a nap. Not that I really had much of a choice. When I woke up my mouth was hanging open....what a great look!!! After that I was ok to drive.
I hate typing this because I know it is freaking my husband and dad out but this is what is going on with me! Freaking and scaring me too by the way.
I got back to their house and layed down to read and woke up about an hour later. Well the phone woke was a deep sleep. I am now sitting here typing this and want to fall asleep.
I know people are saying to just get up and is not that kind of tired!!! It is the kind of tired that consumes my body.
I am so looking forward to going to workout class with my dad in the morning....yea!!!
Have plans to go look at desks with Alexx and my mom tomorrow, Alexx can drive :)

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