Thursday, August 6, 2009

You know it really sucks to have Fibro! I could list at least 10 things off the top of my head that I hate about having Fibro but I want to talk about only 1 right now!!!
Not being able to contribute financially to our house. I mean I make a little money here and there having jewelry parties, cleaning Ms. Virginia's house but I am talking about income like I used to make before I went on disability. Jim is an awesome provider but when emergencies come up like this week($1026.00 on getting a root canal) I feel so like a burden on our family!! Plus a crown and cleaning that are next.
Jim has been so awesome, never once has he made me feel guilty for not working, it is all done by me and I do a pretty good job. Jim is so supportive in everything I do......
God is always with me and answers my prayers. One prayer he answered was when he sent me Jim. God has seen Jim and I through some pretty tough times since I quit my job and I know he is always with us!
I prey for the strength to be strong for Jim and the wife I want to be....

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