Friday, July 31, 2009

i think this is why i stopped blogging for awhile.....i got tired of saying the same thing over and over again! I feel like crap!!!!! I feel like my life is a vicious circle. Have some good days, some ok days, some really crappy days and then really really crappy days!!!
I wish I could just have my whole stomach cut out. I am laying here and I look like I am about 6 months pregnant. My stomach is just one giant burning pit!!! The pain is so bad that it wakes me up during the night. I roll over and the shooting pain wakes me. I woke up this morning and I felt like I had the flu from the waist up. The aches, it hurt to even touch parts of me....

It takes me about 2/3 hours to get moving and by that time, my day is almost over. I want to start getting up early!! I was getting up and going to the Y just over 3 weeks ago! I so loved that feeling. I know I will get through this feeling bad, it sucks until it does!!!

On the brighter note, have to get up and make myself move because I have things that need to get done: yard clean -up, clean downstairs, clean Jim's office, having friends over tonight. I have thought about cancelling but I am not going to have my life stop.

Jim, again I am so sorry that I have don't deserve having to deal with this!

One positive note, I am so proud of my step-son, Kyle. He is really a great photographer!!!


  1. From one "Blogger" to another....DO NOT STOP BLOGGING!!!!! I wrote on mine Thursday this week and you need to ge and read it. This is a "journal" and there WILL be a day when the pain is no more and you can see where you have been. Jump in on the bloggin world and let all of these people come by and encourage you. This coming week is "Encouragement" on the Blog Hop!!!!!! Take part and get Hoppin'!!!!!!!!

  2. ok, i was asked why i dont comment on the site and i probably should, heck one day i should do a post, but here are my thoughts,,,,, the INVISIBLE DISEASE sucks, i have seen it zap the spunk out of the women i Love, she has gone from being an extrovert to almost a total reclusive person, i feel and deal with the emotional, physical finacial stress of it, so all it all i am not sure what i can say positive other then it has been a blessing also, Lynn as been forced to rely on God and then me, which has always been a struggle finding the time when she was working, I have seen her have strength that i am not sure many people have when it comes to sucking it up and faking it so the friends and probably me can still do some fun things together. I think the blog is a great outlet for you, gives me insite to how you are doing with you having to hear me ask you everyday "so how is it today" so for selfish reason keep on blogging,, and for the friends who read this, please take the time to just say hello, trust me when i say knowing people are listening can make the world of difference