Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well this is day 3 of me feeling like I have been beat up, legs and feet hurting and having no energy. Day 3 of having to make myself get up and do something......well the last 2 days I have gotten much of nothing done. But not today!!! I can't take it another day! I hate my life being on hold. That is the best way to explain it, my life on hold and my body slowly spreading....
After being gone for 2 weeks and pretty much having no excercise and eatting way to much food, coming home and being a "bed" junky is not cool! I feel even worse!! I had all intentions of coming home and jumping back into th Y........:( I am so over all this!!!!!
I had a great my daughter all ready for college, spent great time with my parents, had a whole week with just my husband!! I felt like Jim and I were on a mini honeymoon at times. We actually "walked" on the beach at night, which was so romantic!!!
€ what does this symbol mean???? Just a random question, it is on my keyboard and have never used it???
I think, no I know I will have all the laundry done today. I have been working on it since Monday. I do believe when I came home on Monday, that I saw the largest amount in my laundry basket!!! That is about all I have gotten done in 3 days, pretty sad, huh?
I can't wait to leave the much to do!! It is so overwhelming! I know I can get it done just hate that I can't do it like I want!! I have a list and instead of it going down, it seems to grow!
I see my friends doing their life and I want that back!!!! I am so tired of my legs hurting and having no one really understands!!! People see me doing things and they think I am o.k., when they don't really know what is going on in my head! I put on such a good face at times! But then there are the times when I just can't do it any more! This is one of those times and I am feeling so guilty for it!!
I have brought alot of stress to my marriage because of so many different ways too!
Well I am going to get going with my day.......
I am going to make it a good day......

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