Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A warning before reading: contains personal information......lol

OK so my day started out pretty good but has ended up being a lazy day, doing much of nothing. To be completely honest just feeling kinda blah and to be honest my IBS has made me soooo miserable! I swear I have at least 10-15 pounds of poop in me. I know this is a gross subject but welcome to my world, Fibromalgia is not all glitz and glamor!! haha I am going to see my doctor this Monday and try to get a colonoscopy (sp), I will beg if I have to!!!
The weather has been awesome today! A perfectly good day wasted....hopefully I will get some energy to do some cleaning tonight. Need to get Alexx's room and upstairs bathroom cleaned. Also all of downstairs needs to be cleaned by Thursday afternoon, we are having bible study at our house. I hate the fact that in years past this would not have bothered me because my house would already be somewhat clean and now I hardly ever clean. This is one thing I really hate...lack of energy!!!
Just needed to vent!!

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