Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to everyone....
Well last night was awful! I thought I had 1 sleeping pill left and I didn't. I had another kind my doctor had prescribed for me awhile back that I didn't like , now I remember WHY I didn't like them. It was so terrible I couldn't wait for this morning to get here. Of course that is when I started to fall into a good sleep.
Had a rough start but once I got going it was pretty good. Michelle and I had a beading party, Alexx went with me and we had a good turnout. Hopefully we will get some more parties from this one. ANYONE WANT TO HAVE A BEAD PARTY????
Jim and I took Alexx and Maggie to the dog park, beautiful walk!
Now I am home and resting, my legs are burning and I am pretty tired. My arms are feeling kinda numb, it's hard to explain. Only a little dizzy so far, actually I call it kinda wobbly too...again, hard to explain.
We are going to Jeff and Leatrices house tonight for a wine/fondu party. Looking forward to fun with friends. Not going to be a late night though........
By the way, I did get my prescription filled for my sleeping pills and am looking forward to a good nights sleep.

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