Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry about not blogging last night about my daughters Coastal tour. Alot of walking! Coastal is definitely not the same as when I went there...8000 students! It is still a beautiful campus and I think Alexx is going to love it. I was so proud of myself, I kept pace with everyone. There were a few times when I wanted to stop but I kept on arms and legs were very heavy! Alexx was so sweet helping me up and down stairs. ( I didn't want to trip) After our tour we went to my parents house and went over scholarships, financial aid and other ways to raise money...anyone want to donate to Alexx's college fund??? Talk about being stressed.....
After all was said and done I went and laid on Alexx's bed and I don't think I moved after that. Just worn out but it was worth it!
My legs are in pain....I did take my 4th stomach pill but STILL patiently waiting for something to happen. Nothing since Monday......feel my misery!!!!!
Today I am going to take it easy, take advantage of it.......I am going home tomorrow and I am sure there will be things for me to do.
By the way, does anyone want to have a bead party?? Michelle and I have some open days and would love to host your party!!! We do birthdays, weddings, girls night out what ever you want....give us a call!!!!!

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