Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good morning. Pardon my typing today, my fingers are swollen and very achy. I am feeling kinda loopy this morning and wobbly. Hopefully a shower will help!!
Alexx spent the night with me, that was awesome! I love to watch her sleep! We have a busy day planned and I am somewhat dreading it..we are going out to Coastal Carolina to tour the campus. Then go over money $$$$$$, scholarships!!!!! Alot of walking, I worry that I will hold everyone back.
Funny, I am sitting here typing and I closed my eyes for a second and almost fell asleep. All of a sudden I am that came up quick. So I am going to hurry up here and start moving.
I took my 3rd pill for my tummy problems today. The directions say it takes up to 2 weeks to see a difference....I am going to be patient!!!!
My pain this morning is in my shoulders. neck and arms. I just want to have a pain free day in my legs. So tired all of a sudden...going to go take a shower.
I'll let everyone know how college goes....

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