Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My hands feel so much better today......I can actually bend my fingers. Still alot of stiffness and swelling though but not so much pain.
My legs were in soooo much pain yesterday, especially about supper time. I wanted to scream. I went grocery shopping and just the walking was killing me. I kept switching legs when I would stop (stand on one leg) it helped take some of the pressure off. Pain was still there but not as bad.
Pretty laid back day for me, just kinda muttered through it. I did take Maggie for a walk with Michelle and Simba. Thank you so much Michelle for walking with me, I probably wouldn't have gone without you. Thanks for being my "best" friend!
Still taking my stomach pills and nothing yet! I am beyond miserable! Something has got to give!!! It is effecting me in everything I do. I know I need to loose weight but I swear my stomach is causing some of my swelling...even my hands!
I am really having a bad time dealing with a reality issue ...my friend Leatrice's daughter, Maggie, has been doing wine tastings every weekend and earning $75.00 for 3 hours work. Well Maggie can no longer do this because she is so close to her due date and the standing is getting to her. Well, Leatrice asked Michelle if she wanted to do this and I even called and asked if I could do it. Leatrice asked me if I really thought I could stand for 3 hours on a concrete floor, no sitting and no walking around. I had to admit that I couldn't do this...That is so depressing to me, it really makes me realize the limitation I have!!!(not really limitations just harder to do things) Standing in one place is the pits!!! I am sitting here and my legs are just killing me. Even sitting in one place, I find my self fidgeting!
I so wish people could live in my shoes for 1-2 days...

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