Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Welcome to my life! I am not sure where to start but here goes....I have Fibromyalgia! This is a "disease" that will totally take your life and turn it upside down. One minute I was running around like a wild chicken and the next I couldn't get out of bed. My house could have been on fire and I would have just laid there.
I hurt from head to toe and thought I was going crazy, come to find out I'm not! I have tried keeping a written journal but that didn't go to well. I always have to much to say. HaHa.
There are so many symptoms, I think I have all but 2. Pain, exhaustion, memory loss, ibs, ic, fibro fog, dizziness, twitches, sleepleness and more that I can't remember right now. Thank goodness for spell check!


  1. Babe,
    i am proud of you for starting this and look forward to seeing you blog for people to ee what i is like to live with the Invisible Disease. You can explain all you want but maybe thiswill give others insite to fibromyalgia and the toll it takes on you personally and the family. Also how it effects friendships and time spent together.

    I love you ad look forward to posting a blog on your site as well.

  2. You go girl!!!!!!! Blogging is AWESOME!!!! You will love it!!!!! USE THIS!!! especially when you can't put it into verbal words, there is something about typing it out. I'm so excited. You know that Bo and I love you dearly and want so much to see you active and well. We will continue to pray for you and Jim and Kyle and Alex. I won't say I know where you are coming from because I have no clue but know I'm here if you need anything!!!!!

  3. My dear sweet friend... We think of you often and pray you get better and better. We have had no idea what this has been like for you. Thank you for sharing with us and allowing us to go through this with you. We are beside you, cheering you on. This blog is great! Keep up the great work! Keep up the fight!

  4. Not much to say, but I look forward the words to come . . .

  5. Hi Lynn, I think this site is a great idea. I commend you for being willing to share your life and experiences so that others may better understand this disease. I pray that the site will grow and be a blessing to you and others that may be going through the same thing.

  6. WooHoo!! Here goes a time in your life that you can document and get some healing from. We all know the "old" Lynn is there screaming at everyone that you have not dissappeared and that you do still have the vigor and zest for life. I still see it in your eyes and know that those of us that you hold dear, do see and we are still creating memories with you that have that same zeal! I promise this road will find direction and you will come out on the other side knowing who is with you and how to handle life's new adventures. This is your war now, we are with you in your army but only you can conquer the beast. We will do everything we can to give you every ounce of extra strength on your journey. I commend you for this and I think you'll realize how really dedicated and strong you truly are. Believe in you because so many of us on the sidelines do everyday! Oh yeah, and we'll kick your butt when you don't!! love ya! Look forward to the book deal that will come out of this! -Mags

  7. we got it working as i said befor we think this is a good thing for you to be able o tell people how you feel i am sure the cat and dog got tired of listen to you each morning, have a good trip leave the phones and computer at home love mon and dad

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