Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OK so I did something really stupid! I admit it but cannot believe I am about to tell everyone about it....As in my last blog I said that I was full of poop and was miserable so I decided to take 2 laxatives last night (it says 1 to 3) well NEVER again! I woke up about 4 to take Maggie out and had a little cramping but was able to sleep. About 5:30 I woke up in such pain that I thought I was going to be sick. I walked around the bathroom, finally I grabbed a couple towels, made a pillow, laids one on the floor, had one to cover up with and put the space heater near me. I fell asleep for awhile until Jims alarm went off. (o'yea Gizzy was laying with me too) Still major pain but nothing.....finally a couple of hours ago....._______ but still have some pain! I can't wait to go to the doctors on Monday!!! Wow, I bet you are rivited now!!
The good thing is I woke up not feeling all groggy like I usually do, that would have really stunk!!! (no pun intended) This morning my fingers and arms are bothering me. I feel like I have a severe case of arthritis.
I was hurting last night but me feeling so miserable at least helped take my mind of it....

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  1. Always knew you were full of..... stuff. If you'd like, I can come over and squeeze your head. Works for me!!!!!! Hope you lighten your load (no pun intended) soon!
    Paul Paul