Friday, October 9, 2009

Well I just worked out and am feel pretty ok.....not good but ok.
In the middle of working out out I was thinking...scary I know.
Having fibro and working out versus a "normal" person working out. Again imagine having the flu and having to force yourself to do something. That"s how I felt. At one time I was lifting the weights and thought how it would be great to feel normal and work out!!! It is 3X harder for me to work out.

Am I really just fat and lazy??? Do I really have fibro, is it all in my mind??? Those are conversations I have with myself all the time.....It so hard to be trapped in this body!!!! I can walk around the house, from room to room just trying to get myself going. I know this doesn't make sense but to me it does. I know the extra weight doesn't help....that is what really sucks!!! I want to loose weight to feel better.........

We are having a dinner at our house tonight, Dinner for Sinners. I don't want to do it!!!! That is so sad on my part. I like all the people that are coming, it is the energy that I am going to have to use that I don't like. I am so selfish with my time!!!

Jim is such a wonderful husband, he didn't sign up for this..........

Not a lot planned for this weekend....going to the movies. Yea!!!

After all this, I am glad I worked out!!!!!

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