Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 8 of 28 days

I was sitting here thinking about what to write about today and it just dawned on me!! I am thankful for a certain young lady named Jessica Stegall!!! (Jessica has just started reading my blog and leaves me positive little notes) Jessica is a very beautiful senior in school, who just got her acceptance letter for college. I could not be more happy for her.....I met Jessica thru our church the KIRK. Jessica has a very big heart, a passionate temper and a curiosity for life. I can always count on a hug from Jessica.

Jessica and I have gone to lunch a couple times to just talk about "stuff", which reminds me, we need to do lunch again. Of course, when is up to her because she is always doing something. I'll have to ask her when I see her next.

I am happy today because again I am feeling pretty clear headed. My energy is very low but I am going to make myself do yard work today. I know I will be so happy after I am done.....our yard needs some serious cleaning up!!! It is so relaxing and a great workout for me. Which I so need. I am going to be very careful with my back, it is just starting to feel better and I don't want that pain again!!!

My pain today is about a 7 but again, I am sooooo tired of doing nothing. I can't stand it!!!!!
It is so beautiful outside and I am not going to be able to stay inside!!!!!! I would go insane!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would so stress me out................


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  2. Mrs. Lynn!! YOU ARE THE SWEETEST PERSON ON THE WHOLE ENTIRE EARTH! I would love to go get lunch with you soon, because it's been a while. I'm glad you're feeling ok today and you did awesome tonight at Volleyball. You serve so much better than me! Love you!

  3. i am really happy for you for starting the 28 days of being positive...
    you're doing great and i love reading the little things you enjoy, probably because i relate so much!
    Big Love