Thursday, October 1, 2009

the last couple of days my neck and shoulders have been killing me, you know that achy, burning feeling that just ruins how you feel. last night i was fighting a migraine which i am sure was from that. i am happy to say that all is gone. i can now lift my head up and not feel like my neck will break with one giant crack!!!!

yesterday was a very busy day and i was SOOOO tired. I had to go to bible study last night and it took everything for me to go. i made the mistake of laying down for a quick rest and almost didn't get up........i am so glad i did!!!!!!! we are studying James and we talked about some awesome things. Always talk to GOD!!!
the extent of my tiredness just blows me away sometimes. especially when i am really not doing so much. just staying busy for a few hours can burn me really sucks sometimes. i think about everything i used to do in a day loved it!!!! i would work like crazy and still go for a walk. i so miss that part of my day. I REALLY WISH I COULD GET BACK INTO THAT HABIT. Jim and i used to walk a good bit in our neighborhood and it is SO GOOD for stress.

My pain today is about a 7 out of 10....
last night at bible study for awhile it was about a 15 out of 10. i was sitting there thinking that no one knows how i am hurting! to look at me, you would never know it. in my mind i was having a little power talk with myself.....i don't wish this on anyone but have thought how i wish some people could live my life for a week. especially people that are on the go all the time...then lets sit down and talk about fibromyalgia!!!!!

gotta get going, things to do before i crash......haha


  1. You can't crash just yet....we have a game tonight!!

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