Thursday, October 15, 2009

I was reading someone elses blog today and they were talking about something I often wonder about......when my friends ask how I am doing, do they really want to know?? Do they really want to hear how my days are going??? Or are they hoping I will say ok and leave it at that?
Do they really care?? Do they think I am just wining because they really don't get it....

I must admit, I am very jealous of my friends and family....they are living there lives just like they always have.....Again, I don't wish fibromyalgia on anyone!!! I do however wonder how they would "deal" with it if they had to. My friends and family really don't have any true idea of what I go thru on a daily basis. Except for my wonderful hubby!! He has seen the complete change in me.......he gets to see me live everyday with it.

People look at me and think I am ok just because on the outside I look ok......I often wonder if my friends think....O just get over it, it is not that bad! I have put on ALOT of weight and everyone knows I hate is not so easy to take off when you don't have the energy to work out.....I wonder do they really understand that or again are they thinking, just get up!!!!


I can still feel the skinny me inside.......

On that note, I am going to get up, take my dog for a walk....try to get some motivation going on...

p.s. I have been saying how blessed I am to have my in-laws, well I am here to say....I HAVE THE BEST SISTER IN LAW!!!!! Thank you Kris for caring and loving me!!! I wished we lived closer......


  1. I live with you and see it first hand and i dont fully understand, im not sure anyone can fully understand, nor do i think you need to be jealous of anyone, you have a great family that cares and loves you, you have friends who love you, you have kids who love you, you have a husband who loves you, and a cat and dog that act like they love you
    you are blessed more then you will ever know to have the support group you have even if we dont fully understand we all still love you

  2. I love you too! You are my inspiration!!!!


  3. Hey Lynn-Marie,
    Might i be that blog you've been reading or did someone else think of the subject at the same time?
    I enjoy reading your blog, and obviously completly sympathize,,,maybe because I actually am living through the same (or similar struggles) .
    Have a wonderful, easy, and as pain free as possible, Weekend!