Friday, October 16, 2009

Short blog today.....I am heading to the beach to see my daughter and parents...yea!!

Please pray that I can stay awake for the drive down. Jim is driving not me, I am not allowed to drive. Actually it is not that I am not allowed to drive, the safety of other drivers is why!!! When I drive I have a tendency to fall asleep. Not right away though and not every time. I could do this if I wanted to!!!!!!
I also want to stay awake because I love the conversation with my hubby!!

I am taking my bike with me....we are buying my daughter a bike for her birthday ( Alexx don't read this :) I want to ride all next week. I am so excited to do this. Great my own pace yea!!!!

I am so hoping for good weather....I love the sunshine.

Gotta go get packed......please Lord give me the strength to have a great week!!

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