Thursday, October 8, 2009

Imagine being in pain 24 hours a day and having to act like you are fine. Imagine doing something and all of a sudden you are completely exhausted. Where you feel like your body is being drained of all energy.... you have to fight to keep your eyes open....welcome to my world!!!!

Today I was trying so hard to get going......i felt like a walking zombie at times. i wanted to lay down but i am soooo tired of laying down. i made myself do stuff. finally about 4:00 i started to feel like myself. i did some yard work.....not much but some is better than none. i need about 20 bags of black mulch, anyone want to donate to my home depot funds??? haha
I can't wait to get the rest done, it is going to make the yard look really good. i love yard work!!!
it is such good therapy....i can't do it all like i used to but i get it done.

i rode the bike at the Y for 28 felt good to do. i can't wait to get my bike out and ride with jim, or my friend.

I constantly have little pep talks with myself. i am not loosing my mind, i am this tired!! i have no energy....i try so hard to talk myself into having doesn't work!!! i tell myself that it is all in my head, i could have energy if i just got up and got going....yea, right!!!! like i enjoy watching my butt get bigger just laying (sitting) around. my feet and legs would not hurt if i used them more....yea, right again!!!!

ok i am sitting here typing with 1 eye closed, can't stay awake!!! i am going to bed...

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