Monday, October 19, 2009

28 days of being positive!!

For the next 28 days I am going to write about positive things in my life. It can be something that has occured in the past or that day, as long as it is positive!

I am going to mention how I am feeling that day but that is going to be for my records only.

I am so thankful for my husband...Jim is my rock, my anchor, my best friend, my soul mate.

Jim can drive me nuts or make me soooo angry but I always love him! I know I can always count on him. He puts me first in everything he does. I can lean on him when I am sad, not feeling well or just need to be held.

I can drive Jim nuts, make him soooo angry but he always loves me!! Unconditionaly!!

Jim is what I am thankful for today and everyday of my life!!!

I went to the gym with my dad today. I was going to do the senior workout with him but my back is still hurting pretty bad (you should see me get out of the car lol) so I decided to ride the stationary bike and did 2 arm excercises. Of course I wanted to crash after that but we ran some errands, so no crashing! Went to Goodwill and got me some pants to bum around the house in. I forgot to bring some....I love the Goodwill, my pants were less than $4.00 and I really like them Plus my dad got his senior discount....yea baby!!! I am thankful for Goodwill too!!

My legs and feet are giving me a small fit is really my shouldars and arms that hurt...

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