Wednesday, October 7, 2009

first let me start off by saying, i love my husband!!!
i thought that was a better way to start off this morning then saying........I HATE MORNINGS!!!!!! to wake up every morning feeling like you have the body hurts!!! having to make that first trek down the stairs just kills me, i look like i am about 80 yrs old. imagine me taking 1 step at a time and wincing with each step.
what is even funnier is me going down the stairs at 4:00ish in the morning to let maggie out.

yesterday was an ok day. i had a hard time getting started and once i did, it was not a fast pace. i did however do my P90X. i did much better on my munching, still have a long way to go but it is a start.

i asked Jim to get my bike down, i am going to start doing some riding around the neighborhood. i am probably going to have to walk up several hills but i am going to do it. AWESOME for my hips and thighs.......hopefully i can sweet talk my hubby into riding with me some.........i am going to try taking maggie with me too. (not every time though)

my neck and shoulder pain and tightness is coming back. it drives me nuts as well as hurts!!! it has always been there but i could kinda forget about it. not now!!! why do massages cost so much?????? so let's see, i have pain in my legs, feet, my neck and shoulders....i would say...I HURT!!!!!!!!

not a lot planned for today, take care of a few errands, P90X and bible study tonight. it is absolutely beautiful outside, i think i will put some mulch out too.
gotta go

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