Saturday, February 27, 2010

I can get thru this...right??

I can do this right???? I am laying here and want to freaking scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This morning started out with the usual, my hips in extreme pain, my stomach ready to explode, the pain so bad it hurt to move. It finally stopped hurting and I was feeling pretty ok. I wasn't really hurting, my stomach felt pretty darn good so I got brave about 12ish and ate some chicken soup with some crackers and water. That did ok. For the rest of the day I didn't eat anything, I mean nothing!
Michelle and I had our first bead party of the year and boy was I hungry, I couldn't wait for it to be over so I could try and eat something. I was so afraid to eat in case my stomach decided to swell like a beach ball and be in extreme pain. I wanted to enjoy the kids at the party...:) which I did!!!
Well I decided to eat Chick Fil A because I have never had a problem with their food before. It was always my safe food. NOT ANY MORE!!!! I had a chicken sandwhich, medium unsweet tea and they were giving away FREE samples of their chicken salad. I now look like I am about 7 months pregnant and feel like I am having contractions!!!! I want to loose weight but not this way!!!

If you have heard of restless leg syndrom or have ever suffered from it....try suffering from restless arm!!!! This is something that has just started. Something new to add to the list :(
It is times like this that make me want to scream.....I can't take it anymore!!!!

I want to fall asleep so I am going to try........

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