Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bring on the spring....

Today is just a tease I know but it sure is nice!!

The sun is shining!! There is a certain feeling in the air and the birds are singing. People are outside. It is just a glorious feeling and I am loving it. But you know what I loved more than any of that?? Jim and I worked outside together cleaning up the garage. We have not done that in forever. We were just together....I can't explain what I mean but I loved it!!!

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world (say that 3X fast) is when it is spring time and Jim and I can work in the yard from about 9am till after dark....then grill some supper and have a nice cold beer to finish it off!! Jim laughs at me but he knows I love it when the yard has been edged:) I cannot wait for those days...:) I don't think Jim is in any hurry though. Please pray that I am able to do some yard work this year. Last year was a very bad year, actually since I have been sick my yard has not been the same. I am actually in the process of seeing what I can do to make things easier...starting now. Of course I plant nothing that doesn't come back year after year!!!

My roses were beautiful last year. Kyle bought me my first one, a yellow rose bush that is growing up the side of our garage. Jim is going to be putting up a trellis for that one, can't wait. I love it, every once in awhile Kyle will cut some roses off and bring them in to me :)

My spelling, memory is just in the toilet!! I cannot even add or subtract simple #'s without staring at them and going over it over and over again. My spelling is awful too. I used to be pretty goods and now I can't spell simple words without spell check or Jim's help. My simple memory is getting worse every day and I don't mean just a simple FOG either. Jim and I will be talking and I will have to cut in (which I don't want to) but I will forget what I want to say if I don't. I have started writing more and more things down. As I am writing this, it can take me several tries just to get a sentence written.

Today has been an ok day. I had a rather rough start after last night getting sick. For some reason I decided to get sick, throw up all my food....such fun. The rest of the night I was awake off and on, couldn't get comfortable, hips hurt, shoulders hurt, my loving husbands beautiful snoring, his thrashing of legs and arms. He was so sweet though every time I asked him to move. About 4:00 I fell into a good sleep....:)
Was able to make it to church which was good....

Just heard it is supposed to rain tomorrow.....bummer!!!!! I hope the rain doesn't make me feel like crap....we will see:(

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