Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Been awhile

Well it's been awhile so I thought I would try to write some words today....not sure where I am going to go with this but then again, I usually don't.

The past couple of days have actually been pretty good for me. Except for my stomach....my IBS is killing me! I have lost about 7 pounds (according to my scales) but looking at my stomach, I still look very much pregnant. The pressure is so painful.....oops, I am falling asleep here :) my body seems to be going into coma mode.

Went to the doctors today and hopefully will be able to get some shots on Friday in my hips...that should help with the pain at least for a couple of days. I am trying some pain patches on my hips, can't wait to see if they work???


That was from Tuesday, now it is Wednesday. It was way to pretty out side yesterday to be inside so I stopped typing and went outside right away. :) In our back yard we have this hill so to speak that has needed to be cleaned up for since we moved into the house 5 years ago. We started it this past Sunday, YEA!!!! Jim really helped me get alot done and now I am able to manage it. I needed his help with the big stuff. Kyle wants to run the other way because all he sees is all the bagging he is going to be doing. He swears he will never own a house with a yard just so he doesn't have to do yard work...lol!!
It is going to be slow going but it will get done now. There are more big rocks up there than I knew, they were just covered up in all the growth. It is going to look so nice once I am done with it, I hope. I am not to proud to say I am taking donations of any "plant clippings" or "transplants" anyone wants to donate. I am hoping to get some hosta from some friends for the side of my house. I am going to the beach this week and am going to be working with my mom on flower and bush ideas????? We have really cleaned ALOT away from the top. I am paying for it now but I love looking at it. My vegetable beds are clean and ready for planting too.
Grass seed is going to be a big purchase for us in the very near future with fertilizer. I don't think we have ever had good grass...haha!!
I am so thankful that the past few days, the weather has been sunny and warm it really does makes a huge difference in the way I feel. Of course the down side of that is I have now over done it and am laying here with no energy, sore throat, scratchy cough, shingles break out on my arm , I think it is starting on my back too. Just plain feel like crap!!!

Have I said what an awesome husband I have lately? I know everyone gets sick of hearing about it but Jim really is an awesome man!! Yes, there are days he drives me nuts, days that I want to not even be around him but I will always love him! He is MY soul mate! My life is not complete without him! Jim has such a way of calming me down, letting me know that all will be ok and that GOD is in control. We have to do our part and we will!!! We have each other!!!!!!

I have been having so many down days......I am trying very hard to have no crying days!! I am down to my last pair of contacts so I can't keep crying!!! I used to be a very happy person, full of energy. Over the past couple of years I have fought daily to smile and laugh! Going from a strong type A person with extreme energy to the complete opposite really takes a toll on a person. I used to be a person that loved working, it was such a part of who I was..... These past weeks have been so very dark for me...I have been very scared, I have scared Jim! This disease/illness has totally changed who I am but I can still be happy!!! I am working very hard on getting there again. It is a very hard road to walk......I am not blogging like I used to because I just don't feel like talking about it! But then again I do because it is a way for me to vent...kinda sick and twisted I know..haha
I have not given up blogging, just taking a few days off here and there....have alot going on that Jim and I have to take care of. Our energy is focused on getting our life back on track and where it needs to be....not sure what that direction will be right now?? There are going to be some major changes but we are ready for what ever comes our way, we are going to do our part and the rest is going to be in Gods hands...he has all the plans!
Does anyone have a super duper golf umbrella i can have?? Jim and I have decided that we must have the largest black storm cloud over us ever!!!! THINGS WILL TURN AROUND AND WE HAVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a blessed day and remember that GOD IS GOOD!!!

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