Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beautiful Day

How can anyone have a bad day when the weather is beautiful outside? Today was in the mid 70's, sunny,clear blue skies picture perfect day.

By the way, in case you ever wondered, it is very very hard to type when you are laying on the couch and your cat (who is not small by any means) decides to lay on your chest and sleep. I know I could move him but what kind of cat lover would I be??? I am laying here typing with one hand...his whole body is covering my chest and his head is up under my neck!!! I guess you just need to see it....haha :)

Found an orthopedic doctor that I like today, Dr. Kramer. He actually seemed to care and he listened. I have to tell you how I found him....thru the kindness of a stranger. Yesterday a lady saw how much pain I was in and recommended him. I am glad I listened to her, THANK YOU my stranger friend!!!! Anyway, xrays were taken and everything there looked good. Going to have 2 MRI's done next week. Wants to see what is going on since the pain has been with me for over 12 plus years???? Starting physical therapy next week and a dose of steroids. Never understood how steroids worked to help pain????
I just know that the pain on Sunday was unbearable and my husband was awesome!!!!

I actually got to prune my roses today...looking for something to put down with them. Hosta??Just to cover the empty spaces. I think I will google ideas....any suggestions????? I am so frustrated that I have not been able to dig holes and plant my plants yet.....Jim dug a few holes for me tonight so I got a few in....I know what I am doing tomorrow!!! I wish I had about 1000.00 and I would be set, just want to fill everything in!!! I can visualize it in my head, just wish I could get it the way I want it....does that make sense???
On HGTV they have a couple shows where the come and do peoples yards, why can't they come do mine????

10 pounds.....I have lost 10 pounds!!! That is something I didn't think I would ever be able to say!! Only 20 more to go....I really really want to be able to wear the pair of low rise, button fly jeans I wore when I met Jim...Yes, I still have them hanging in my closet......
At the end of July I am going to a mini reunion at the beach with some friends that I have not seen since 1976.....wanna at least feel 1/2 good about myself. That way, if my pain level is bad I will hopefully at least look ok...:)

This weekend is going to be in the 80's!!!! I cannot wait...I am hoping to at least be able to lay out in the backyard for a couple hours with a book and catch some sun....If I ask real nice, maybe Jim will let me ride on the bike a little with him too. I love how it relaxes him and how sexy he looks on it too!!!! Yummy!!!!

It is going to be a great weekend and a happy one.....beautiful sky's...sunny sky's.....sun does my body good!! No humidity....I love it!!

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