Monday, March 29, 2010

emergency room

Ended up in the emergency room last night because I couldn't take the back pain anymore. Jim was having to help me walk, help me sit on the toilet even pull my pants up. I could not get up without crying the pain was that bad. I thought I was going to be sick a couple of times....

So after many hours of this I finally asked Jim to take me, I just couldn't do it any more. Talk about a let down!! I thought going to the emergency room, was supposed to help you not make you feel worse!!! First the funny part....I received my Medicaid Part A card Friday ( for hospital) so was relieved that we had that to use. Gave the person all my info, insurance card, medicaid card and before he walked back to us I looked at Jim and said well poo, I don't think my medicaid starts until April 1.....then the guy comes walking around the corner with this look on his face and I knew what he was going to say.....I was right!!!! APRIL 1!!!!

I had put off going to the emergency room because I knew it would cost money we didn't have or need to spend but I new with the medicaid card it would be better, that is why I decided to finally go then.....of course, APRIL 1st!!!

They gave me a morphine shot in my hip which really didn't help. I left there in almost as much pain as I arrived. I never saw a doctor, just the PA, the doctor couldn't be bothered. All she did was poke at my back, ( which I about came out of my chair and smacked her) no xrays nothing!!! Just told to go home and continue with my pain meds that I have and to call my pain doctor to make an appointment.....I was and am so pissed off!!!! They didn't even come close to meeting their mission statement!!! Did I call and complain, YES I DID!!! Will it do any good, probably not. I am sure the PA that I had last night will take care of someone else tonight and all I can say is that I pray they get better care than I did!!!

Part of yesterday was a bluer to me but I do remember how wonderful my husband was and how wonderful his strong arms felt when he was holding me up. I felt so secure and safe and free of pain when he had me....

Today has been a day of doing much of nothing and it has sucked!!! I am so tired of doing nothing....first fibro and now this...come on now!!!! I was able to make it to my bladder treatment. I had so many people looking at me. The way I was walking and standing. I was shuffling across the parking lot and had to stop mid step. The pain was so intense I couldn't move and didn't know what to do...but I was going to do it!!!

I need to make an appointment for my back, just trying to figure out which doctor to call. My general doctor which I would go to for a referral or my fibro doctor which would take forever to get into????


  1. Oh sweetie......I'm so sorry! I know this back pain and it's horrible. Spend a lot of time in the bathtub and get the weight off you're back. Do look at that comfortu pillow.

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