Monday, March 22, 2010

where to begin?

Back from the beach......
Love my daughter more than I thought possible! I found myself watching her and thinking she is so much like me.....should I be scared?
My parents are so awesome!!!! Played Putt Putt with my dad, Alexx, Ulianna and Eddie (sister in law and nephew) the weather was kinda overcast and a little chilly! Had a great time!!! Didn't really keep score just had fun....and Eddie was very well behaved!!! 3 years old...:)
Friday was the first beautiful day and got to go to the beach for a little over an hour. Could have stayed for a couple more it was that nice....that's ok though, I know I will be going back!!!
I was laying on a towel and my dad layed down beside me and we just had a was the best!! No stress....perfect time at the beach :)
In case you can't tell from reading my blog, I love my parents!!

Before I left for the beach I was feeling like crap! I almost didn't go I felt that bad...I think it was the flu???? The week before I had some pretty fantastic days and way way over did it!!! The weather had been beautiful so I was out doing yard imagine having a huge flare up with the flu on top of it. Not fun!! We were supposed to leave Friday after Jim got off work, I just couldn't do it. Saturday morning we were going to leave bright and early but didn't get out until after 1ish. I COULDN'T get out of bed!! As the rest of the story goes....we made it to the beach!!!

Jim and I met Alexx's boyfriend, McKinley. Very nice young man. I love to see her happy....

This is going to be a very busy week just getting back into the swing of things.....I am going to do my best to not over do it!!!! Even when it comes to yard work...:) Thanks to my wonderful husband for the first yard mow of the year. Planting flowers and weeding is not hard work in my is therapy!!!!

So gotta go get started on my week....will blog the way....this morning my pain level is about a 6 and my energy level is a 6 and my stomach is a 40, my mental is, well I am still working on that! haha

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  1. OK Honey, I will help you find some way of you getting LDN, contact me with your private email and I will give you some advice on how and where to get it!! xx OR add me on facebook xx