Friday, January 1, 2010

We watched The Hangover and it was very funny!!!! It is such a guy movie!!! It was great to listen to Jim laugh...:)

Kyle and Amber made it back in time to bring the new year in with us. We each had a sip of champagne for our toast. 2010 is going to be great!! I got to speak to my baby girl at midnight, I love her so much and am so blessed to have had her. Alexx you have grown into such a beautiful young lady.....I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!
I however was VERY sad last night, I called my parents at midnight to wish them a Happy New Year and no answer...bummer, that is the first time in 46 years I have not spoken to them at midnight!!! I even called my dads cell phone of course what was I thinking to do that....he never carries it or turns it on. Gotta get him to do that!! Hey, that could be his new years resolution...haha!

I am laying here listening to my hubby snore and love the fact he is sleeping in....I on the other hand was woken by my dog as usual. I an the official feeder and walker!!!! She always comes to my side and gets in my face. I grumble alot about how I hate morning and slowly get out of bed. Say OUCH with every step I take down the stairs, say OUCH as I am pulling the backdoor open, OUCH as I bend down to feed her, then give my cat kisses and get some head butts while I feed him. I then get me some juice and take my morning dose of pills, then I crawl back up the stairs saying OUCH or CRAP with every step. Look to the bed and Maggie has already beaten me there...o no you don't!!! That is my spot. She is used to Jim being gone in the mornings. I get her to the bottom of the bed, kinda. Crawl back in and say AAAHHHHH! I cannot wait for my meds to kick in, My feet are in so much pain just laying here, not even moving them! My hips are killing me and my neck and shoulders feel like they could just snap off! Now my cat is up on the bed, crawls onto my chest and I type at an awkward angle because I cannot move him, right?? Finally he moves and is now laying between Jim's legs. All 4 of us on the bed....I am happy at this moment :)


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